Catching the Wind

CleanArc Power has utilized the latest technologies to optimize wind production for our customers. Wind energy solutions consist of wind turbines, a control system and other necessary electrical components that allow for energy collection and storage. Together, these technologies catch and convert wind into usable electricity on or off the grid.

Wind Energy Applications

Clean & Effective

Wind energy is an alternative, clean option to power electric utilities on the grid as well as in remote and rural locations with limited access to traditional grids.

Right-Size Turbines

Wind turbines range in size and height, allowing for various applications. Smaller turbines work well for residential and rural settings while larger turbines span vast acres for commercial use.

Wind Study Icon

Wind Study

Wind energy solutions are not for every sustainable energy project. Before we propose wind as an alternative energy source, we conduct an in-depth wind study to ensure it’s cost effective and efficient.

Consult the Energy Experts

Make the transition to wind energy solutions with CleanArc Power as your total outsource partner.

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