Clean Energy Funding Experts

Our team has secured more than $100MM in funding for our customers making a transition to sustainable energy solutions. After an in-depth audit, we build a proposal that qualifies for available tax incentives, clean energy loans and utility cost reductions.

Types of Funding & Incentives

Rebates & Incentives

National, state and local governments offer special tax incentives for commercial businesses and private properties making the transition to clean energy. For example, the United States’ Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) offers funding to accelerate this transition.

Grant & Loan Programs

Available ultra-low interest rate loans through Federal and state programs as well as government grants, such as the State Energy Program grant, help offset costs and reduce capital outlay on your sustainable energy project. We help you capture this funding to get the best return on investment.

Third Party Financing

We work with your utility company to negotiate reduced rates on power consumption when you install solar or wind technologies – and we set up your sustainable energy solution to ensure you’re not returning energy back to the utility for free.

Fund Your Clean Initiative

We find clean energy incentives like grants and rebates to help you finance your transition to sustainable power.

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