Application Agnostic

CleanArc Power designs and installs temporary power solutions developed for your project’s specific requirements to provide electricity for various applications where permanent power is not available. Our solutions are product agnostic and might include portable generators or an entire mobile power distribution center. Regardless of your application, we seek out the products and solutions that best fit your budget, needs and schedule.

Our Process

CleanArc Power coordinates your entire temporary power solution project through our eight-step process – from consultation to uninstall.


We first conduct a consultation where we discuss your temporary power needs, including the location and type of job site, how much power you need (and for how long) and available existing power utilities.

Site Visit

After the consultation, we visit your proposed job site and verify the layout to design your temporary power solution.


The prepared design allows us to put together pricing and a proposal that outlines what needs to be done and what equipment will need to be procured to power the job site.


Once the proposal is approved, we begin procurement of equipment needed, manage inspections and permits and prepare the job site for installation.


Our team then installs your temporary power solution and conducts thorough checks to ensure the site meets relevant electrical codes and standards as well as for functionality and safety.

Power On

After install, we coordinate with relevant agencies, such as the City, and utilities to approve the job site and turn on the power.


We stand by our work with ongoing management of your temporary power solution for the duration of its install, including through any changes that might occur due to layout or unexpected circumstances.

Power Down

When the job is complete and temporary power is no longer needed, we come in to remove all temporary equipment for a seamless power down and complete transition to utility.

Power Up, Power Down

Contact CleanArc Power for consultation and install of temporary power systems for your next project.

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