24-Hour Sustainable Power

Microgrids are localized power grids that operate independently of traditional power grids, which allows them to supply power whenever the main grid is down. They can also self-sustain, functioning 100% without utility power.

Microgrid Installations

CleanArc Power conducts solar and wind studies to determine the best-fit technologies for your microgrid install, and then builds your power system to provide you with 24-hour power.

Commercial Microgrids Icon

Commercial Microgrids

We design, install and maintain microgrids for commercial campuses, industrial facilities, remote sites and other sustainable energy projects in connected or stand-alone operations for permanent or temporary power.

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Hybrid Microgrids

Hybrid microgrids connect to traditional power sources, such as your utility, but predominantly run on their own. We ensure you don’t give power back to the utility and pay the lowest rate possible for energy you use.

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Neighborhood Microgrids

Microgrids can be added to new housing developments while they’re being built, and they can replace traditional power systems in existing neighborhoods making the transition to clean energy solutions.

Get on the (Micro)grid

Consult CleanArc Power to design, install and maintain advanced microgrid solutions for your sustainable energy project.

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