solar microgrids reduce energy consumption and costs

Solar Microgrids Power Communities

Communities across the country and around the world are making the transition to alternative and clean energy solutions to power their business and homes sustainably. Golden Oaks Mobile Home Park in Oroville, California, is one such community reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources like coal and gas by installing a solar-powered microgrid. 

CleanArc Power recently designed and installed a self-sustaining solar microgrid for Golden Oaks, achieving an 83% power “offset” of their 2021-2022 annual electricity usage.

See CleanArc Power’s design-build solution for Golden Oaks Mobile Home Park.

What are Solar Microgrids?

Solar microgrids are small-scale power systems that collect, store and distribute electricity generated using solar panels, a battery network and localized grid. 

Microgrids can connect to the utility’s power grid, allowing excess energy collected to be sold back to the utility. When connected, microgrids can also provide power to a community in case of utility outages, which happen frequently in California’s dryer seasons. Microgrids can also function independently from the utility to provide complete, off-grid power 24/7.

Solar Microgrid Benefits

Solar microgrids – and microgrids, in general – provide reliable, sustainable energy. One of the many complaints with traditional utility power (in California, especially) are rolling brownouts and unexpected blackouts. Downtimes like these are done with a solar microgrid providing 24/7 power. 

Solar power systems also lower overall utility costs for both community managers and residents by reducing people’s reliance on and consumption of electricity through traditional sources. These communities also don’t have to worry about fluctuating electric bills during peak times when energy use is highest. 

Not only do solar microgrids offer reliable energy at lower costs, but they also benefit both the environment and the people who use them. Solar power is both clean and sustainable, which helps reduce greenhouse gas anc combat climate change, and microgrids allow communities to generate and power themselves locally, reducing energy lost in transmission from the power source to the grid. 

Rise and Shine with Solar

Is your community ready to transition to a sustainable energy solution? Contact CleanArc Power to learn more about solar microgrids and how they can benefit and power your neighborhood.