Rise & Shine with Solar

Solar power solutions consist of solar panels, a battery system and an inverter as well as other necessary electrical components. Combined, these technologies convert the heat of the sun into usable electricity on or off the grid. CleanArc Power designs solutions that produce the exact amount energy you need to power your facilities, while ensuring the greatest amount of savings.

Solar Power Applications

Cost Effective and Efficient Icon

Cost Effective & Efficient

Solar power is a cost-effective and efficient method of powering manufacturing facilities and large industrial campuses. Businesses benefit from reduced costs and improved bottom lines.

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Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar power systems combine off-the-grid power produced by the sun and on-the-grid power produced by the utility, offering a backup power source in the event of an outage on either side.

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Solar Grid Systems

Total solar power solutions provide off-the-grid energy and rely on battery storage to store and distribute electricity. Ideal for remote and rural locations where grid access is limited.

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Make the transition to solar power solutions with CleanArc Power as your total outsource partner.

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