Auditing Your Energy Use

An energy audit is a crucial step toward sustainable power practices. CleanArc Power completes an assessment of your energy performance and overall usage, including evaluating air conditioning and heating systems, lighting, structural components and more. We then propose a plan that implements energy-efficient upgrades that lead to a long-term return on investment. 

Our Process

We tailor your energy audit to your project’s specific needs, so results show us exactly how power is being used, where it can be reduced and what needs to be repaired or replaced to achieve sustainability. 


CleanArc Power will first discuss your energy concerns, costs and goals and gather necessary information about your energy systems, such as age, brand and equipment specifications.

Data Collection & Assessment

We then collect energy performance and usage data, which consists of an analysis of your utility bills and power outputs. We also conduct an onsite assessment to inspect your project location.

Report & Recommendations

Our final report provides recommendations for energy-efficient improvements and upgrades, such as installing new technologies, as well as cost savings and long-term ROI.

Next Steps

CleanArc Power then works with you to develop an implementation plan that utilizes clean energy incentives and other funding sources to ensure moving forward is cost-effective and practical. 

Consult the Energy Experts

Get expert energy audit services with CleanArc Power as your total outsource sustainability partner. 

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