Park, Charge, Go

Offer onsite charging to your electric vehicle drivers with sustainably powered EV charging stations. Our expert team of electricians have installed more than 300 – and growing – commercial EV charging stations.

Our Process

CleanArc Power coordinates your entire commercial EV charging station installation through a seven-step process – from consultation to ongoing maintenance.


During an onsite consultation and visit, we discuss your available parking, such as capacity and layout, as well as existing structures. We also analyze sustainable options like solar-powered stations.


We seek out available national, regional and local clean energy incentives, and then we help you apply for these financing opportunities to ensure a cost-effective project and return on your investment.


Our proposal outlines your project scope, including funding sources as well as which sustainable energy technologies make the most sense to provide EV charging functionality.

Procurement & Preparation

Once the proposal is approved, we organize contractors and begin procurement of technologies, and then our team begins preparing for installation, which could include tunneling and laying conduits.

Install & Test

Our team then installs your commercial EV charging stations and conducts thorough checks throughout the project site to test each station.


After post-install service checks are complete, we commission your project and turn the power on. We conduct final service checks throughout the system to ensure everything functions appropriately.


We stand by our work with an ongoing support proposal for the life of your install, including maintenance, monitoring and repair services.

Consult the Energy Experts

Make the transition to sustainable energy solutions with CleanArc Power as your total outsource partner.

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