Plan Powerfully & Sustainably

Our in-depth audits assess your current power usage and plan for your transition to sustainable power. Having conducted more than 1,000 audits, our expert analysis of best-fit technologies and funding options offer greater returns on your project.

Our Process

Making the transition to clean energy can be daunting. CleanArc Power’s proven process ensures your project is cost-effective, drives efficiency and meets your regulatory and sustainability goals.


An analysis of your expenses and an onsite audit of electrical, HVAC, lighting and structural building components according to federal standards, identifies current power use and what should be upgraded.


We seek out available clean energy incentives and help you apply for financing opportunities to ensure a cost-effective project and return on your investment.


Our proposal outlines what needs to be done according to your audit and funding source as well as which sustainable energy technologies make the most sense for your project.


An engineering firm analyzes our audit, the proposal and your site to provide third-party verification on your project, as required by law in some areas.

Procurement & Preparation

We organize contractors and begin procurement of the technologies proposed, and then our team begins preparing for install, which could include tunneling, structural building repairs and laying conduits.

Install & Test

Our team then installs your new sustainable energy technologies and conducts thorough checks throughout the project site to test each new system.


After post-install service checks are complete, we commission your project and turn the power on. We conduct final service checks throughout the system to ensure everything functions appropriately.


We stand by our work with an ongoing support proposal for the life of your clean energy initiative, including maintenance, monitoring and repair services.

Consult the Energy Experts

Get expert electrical engineering consulting services with CleanArc Power as your total outsource energy partner.

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