Get on the Microgrid

We design, install and maintain advanced microgrid solutions for commercial campuses, industrial facilities, job sites and other sustainability projects in connected or stand-alone operations for permanent or temporary power.

Park, Charge and Gov

Offer onsite charging to your electric vehicle (EV) drivers with EV charging stations. We procure, install and maintain commercial EV charging stations for large-scale and municipal sites.

Rise and Shine with Solar

Power your commercial campus, industrial facility or remote site with solar. We assess your needs and develop a sustainable energy technology solution that utilizes the sun to provide initial or backup power.

Catch the Wind

Whether you need to power a single facility or an entire community, CleanArc Power can identify and install the right-size turbine for your project to generate power by catching the wind and storing it onsite.

Advance with Sustainable Technology

Make the transition to sustainable energy technology with CleanArc Power as your total outsource partner.