Welcome to CleanArc Power

Developing strategic energy products for critical global demand

About Us

Clean Energy is our passion

We are continuously striving to provide core necessities of power for basic residential and commercial requirements. 

While saving energy costs is a primary driver, we excel at servicing markets where access to consistent, dependable  power isn’t available. We do this by deploying our solar & microgrid solutions, solar lights, solar generators, etc.

Strategic Product Focus

Our key focus is on products that deliver necessary services: Lighting, A/C, Water, General Power, in supporting critical needs.

We are constantly evolving as we monitor the global market to ensure that clean technologies advance in order  to support the needs of the International Community.

Global Markets

Domestic:  We leverage our contractor and distributor base to provide cost efficient products &  solutions.

International: We partner with regional governments, NGOs and integrators to service countries/regions where limited access of reliable power is available. 


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