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Clean Energy Passion

We are continuously striving to provide core necessities of power for basic residential and commercial requirements. 

Although saving energy costs is a primary driver, we accel at servicing markets where access to consistent, dependable power isn’t available by utilizing our solar & microgrid solutions, solar lights, solar generators, etc.



Strategic Product Focus

Our key focus is on products that deliver necessary services in supporting critical needs: Lighting, A/C, Water, General Power.

We are constantly evolving as we monitor global markets ensuring that clean technologies advance in order to support the needs of the International Community.



Global Markets

Domestic:  We leverage our contractor and distributor base to provide cost efficient products and engineered solutions.

International: We partner with regional governments, NGOs and integrators to service countries/regions where limited access of reliable power is available. 



Solar Lights

Our Solar Lights are capable of easily  illuminating streets, parking lots, commercial spaces, walkways, parks, buildings and more.


Renewable Power Generators 

Clean, renewable power for your home, business or anywhere consistent, reliable power is needed.


Solar Air Conditioners

Solar air conditioners save money and provide comfort in areas where only renewable energy sources are available.


Solar Water Purification

Completely enclosed, efficient water filtration systems that can rapidly be deployed without the need of power, fuel or infrastructure.


Engineered Solar Packages

Complete solar power systems for your grid-tie, off-grid or mobile power needs.


Waste to Energy Systems

World’s most advanced system for converting waste to renewable, distributed, on-demand energy. 

Wind Turbine Systems

Residential and Commercial Wind Generation Systems

Wind power converts wind energy into electricity and is most efficient when combined with solar energy. Since wind generation peaks at night and solar generation crests during the day, together wind and solar provide for a more consistent energy generation for your home and commercial enterprise. CleanArc Power produces a comprehensive line of wind energy products from small residential turbines to larger systems capable of providing significant generation. 


Security & Surveillance

Advancing our products with the latest technologies

Our goal is to not only advance the efficiency of our clean energy products but also to advance the technological benefits as well.  Our continuous Research and Development efforts are working in coordination with US Agencies and International Governments to enable our products with advanced Safety & Protection technologies such as; encrypted communications, surveillance and counter intelligence systems, providing Public Safety & Security measures within our self-powered units.  


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