Plan, Prepare & Power On

Power loss after a natural disaster prolongs the ability for communities to recover. We’ve coordinated more than $13MM in disaster relief and recovery projects to provide clean energy and sustainable power in zones affected.

Our Process

CleanArc Power coordinates with local, state and federal governments and organizations to restore power quickly and safely to communities affected by natural disasters, such as fire, flooding and weather-related events.


We first conduct a coordinated assessment to determine the community’s immediate power needs, the extent of the damage to existing infrastructure and the safety of activating power systems in the zone.

Planning & Procurement

The assessment leads planning and procurement, outlining what needs to be done and the equipment required to establish temporary power quickly and safely.

Preparation & Install

Once planning and procurement of technologies are underway, our team begins a coordinated effort to prepare the zone for temporary power, which could include bringing in portable generators.

Active Monitoring

While power is being restored in-part or in-full, CleanArc Power actively monitors the disaster zone and adjusts the prepared plan to provide ongoing energy services while adjacent relief efforts are taking place.

Long-Term Recovery

Once power has been fully restored, we turn our attention to recovery through rebuilding infrastructure, upgrading systems and transitioning to long-term solutions that allow the community to rely on the grid again.

Turn the Power Back On

CleanArc Power helps communities turn the power back on after natural disasters for long-term recovery.

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