Solar Water Purification & Pumping


These military grade systems can  be rapidly deployed. No need for power, fuel or infrastructure.

Produce safe, clean water wherever is needed .  Three models include production rates of up to: 8,000, 24,000 and 40,000 liters per day.

  • Designed for long-term service in rugged conditions.
  • Ultra-efficient multi-stage filtration process with ultra violet post treatment to eliminate bacteria.
  • Metered flow chlorination or other injection system. 
  • Integrated solar-charged backup battery. Can also be used with battery bank, wind turbine or conventional 
  • Fully enclosed working system to protect against unauthorized access or dust and other elements.
  • Thermostatically cooled water system enclosure with automatic activation
  • Solar tracker system with early wake-up functionality.


 Individual component warranties up to  20 years. 

 ** Additional products available from portable 6gpm - stationary 12,000gpd, as well as options for brackish water sources. 

For assistance with Solar Water Purification, call 203.814.1855

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