Solar Lights

Designed for simple installation as a single integrated unit, our solar lights are assembled in USA. Using the latest LED technology, our powerful solar lights come in different lumen options (700 – 15,000 Lumen), capable of illuminating large areas like streets, parking lots, commercial spaces, walkways, pathways, parks, etc.  


Integrated design makes for easy installation, saving on labor and transportation fees.

Have a 4 day back up and can be recharged to full capacity in 5-7 hours of sunlight.

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have a longer life span, are safer, and environmentally friendlier than traditional lead acid batteries.

Switching between 4 lighting modes is easy with included remote control.

Each unit is equipped with a smart microwave sensor, which adjusts the lights brightness according to the mode chosen.

The enclosure is made of commercial grade, anti-corrosive aluminum alloy materials.

CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65 certified. 5 year warranty.

Wireless Control / Wireless Managment

Ability to centrally manage and maintain large network of installed solar lighting.

Solar Light Product Line

Solar Street Lights

Modern integrated solar lights perfect for streets, parking lots, recreation courts, bridges, paths, perimeter lighting, etc.

Solar Garden Pathway Lights

Perfect for residential entrances, walkways, paths, patios, recreation or gathering areas. 

Solar Flood/Spot Lights

Flexible applications including uplighting monuments, billboards, signage or downlighting buildings.