360° Situational Awareness for Multiple Mission Support

Our Situational Awareness software platform enables law enforcement and other public safety
personnel to monitor and track 1000's of different devices from 100's of manufacturers for an
unlimited number of mission critical operations - duty of care (officer tracking and safety), vehicle and aircraft tracking, asset verification (confidential informant management) covert and overt

This can be accomplished using legacy devices already in inventory. That includes smart phones, GPS trackers, cameras, audio listening devices, etc. Once devices and personnel are enrolled in the system all of the relevant data can be displayed on a single screen, shared across the enterprise, and/or sent to any individual that requires access with just an email address or telephone number. 

The software has been deployed globally since 2013 for a number of critical law-enforcement, public safety, military, and intelligence missions. The software is also commercial and can be used overseas without any export restrictions (exempt from ITAR). 

For the law enforcement they can track the location and communicate securely (via text) with any of their officers - whether they are deployed within the United States or deployed overseas on assignment with foreign law-enforcement agencies. 

Using their own mobile devices, any team can collect information (audio, video, imagery, and location data) that can be shared securely or let their fellow officers know when they're in distress. 

Not only can all of that information be displayed on a single screen, all of the devices can be managed remotely from the same environment. At a command center, a watch commander can reach into a phone remotely and have it take a picture or record audio and have it stream securely back to the command center. The information coming off the remote devices is geo-tagged, time stamped, and also hashed (SHA256) so it can be used for evidentiary purposes. 

The first officer on scene - if they have a phone equipped with our technology - can become the eyes and ears for everybody else responding to the situation. No more arriving on scene without situational awareness. The audio and video data coming from the on scene officer can be shared and viewed on an almost unlimited number of phones - almost immediately. The back end technology is the same technology used for Facebook Live The difference is that that data is encrypted and secured and only available to law-enforcement. 

The software can change languages with one button click to support operations in other countries or to work with non-English speaking informants it can also be hidden under a cover app to provide an additional level of security. Any phone with this software that is lost can be remotely disabled. 

The platform easily supports cross echelon de-confliction and joint task force work by being able to share data and devices with other users for a specified period of time and give them limited access based on their need to know and reduces the possibility of blue on blue engagements.

Any team could share access as needed with state, local & federal department agencies for specific operations for predetermined periods of time. At the end of an operation users and devices
can be removed and/or returned back to their respective organizations with a simple mouse click.